Well, well, well...another day in Gotham City and another opportunity to bring the Bat down a peg. Oh, how I love toying with those do-gooders of the Justice League. They think they're so invincible, so untouchable. But oh boy, do I have a surprise for our beloved Dark Knight.

The Perfect Plan

You see, Batman has always been known for his intelligence and resourcefulness. He's got gadgets up the wazoo and an answer for everything. But there's one thing he can't seem to escape: me! The Joker!

I've spent countless hours studying that brooding vigilante—his strengths, his weaknesses—and let me tell you something: nobody is perfect! Not even Batman.

Exploiting Weaknesses

Every hero has their kryptonite; it just takes a little bit of digging to find it. And when it comes to Batman, his weakness lies not in physical strength or intellect but in something far more personal—a vulnerability that runs deep within him.

So what did I do? Well...let's just say I made sure everyone knew about it through my usual channels—taunting messages spread across Gotham City like wildfire.

A Public Spectacle

I wanted this prank on Batman to be grandiose—the talk of the town—an event that would leave both him and the citizens of Gotham questioning their faith in their precious Dark Knight.

First things first—I needed an audience—a crowd who would witness firsthand my masterful mockery of Batman's supposed infallibility.