Hulk here! Me Hulk, strongest there is. Today me gonna write diary for tomorrow, 'cause Hulk forgets a lot of things. Hulk's brain gets all jumbled up sometimes, and it's hard to remember stuff. So, me writing this down so me won't forget what needs to be done tomorrow.

Morning Routine

  1. Wake Up: First thing in the morning, Hulk gotta wake up from big bed and stretch those big green muscles.
  2. Breakfast: Next order of business is breakfast time! Me need lots of food to fuel all that smashing power.
  3. Brush Teeth: Gotta keep them pearly whites clean and shiny!
  4. Get Dressed: Time to put on them purple pants! Can't go around naked like some wild animal.

To-Do List

Smash Things!

Hulk loves smashing things! It's what we do best! But don't worry, not everything needs smashing.

  1. Smackdown with Abomination: Tomorrow at 3 PM (meet at abandoned warehouse).
    • Remember not to smash too hard or he might turn into red goo before answering the questions about who sent him.
    • Bring extra pair of purple pants just in case current ones get ripped during the fight.

2.Smash through brick wall by old factory:

  • Check if there are any innocent people nearby before starting demolition work.
  • Try not to cause too much property damage...unless someone really deserves it!

Grocery Shopping

Me no good with shopping lists but still need food for survival:

  • Bread
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Apples (green ones)

Remember not squish bread when carrying groceries home!

Doctor Appointment

Dr.Banner says I should come see him every month for checkup:

Reminder For Doctor Appointment

Date: 08th February 2024 Time: 10 AM Location: Dr.Banner's clinic

Remember not to break anything in the waiting room!

Help Others

Hulk strong, but Hulk also kind. Me wanna help people when me can:

  1. Save Cat from Tree: Keep an eye out for any cats stuck up trees. Use Hulk strength to get them down safely.

    • Don't accidentally squash cat when trying to save it.
  2. Help Old Lady Cross Street: If you see an old lady struggling to cross the road, lend a hand (or big green arm).

    • Be gentle and careful so she doesn't get scared of my size.


That's all Hulk gotta remember for tomorrow! Writing this diary helps keep things clear in Hulk's head, 'cause sometimes everything gets mixed up like a blender full of chaos. Tomorrow gonna be busy day with smashing, shopping, doctor appointment, and helping others. But that's what being Hulk is all about—using our power for good while having fun along the way!

Hulk signing off now until tomorrow... SMASH!