Hulk smash! Hulk here to talk about incredible adventures of Green Goliath. Hulk strongest there is, and Hulk want to share stories with puny humans. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some smashing fun!

The Beginning

Hulk not always big green monster. Once upon a time, Hulk was just Bruce Banner - puny scientist with weak body and smart brain. But then one day, everything changed.

Accident at the Lab

Bruce working on experiment when something go terribly wrong. Big explosion happen, and gamma radiation everywhere! Bruce caught in blast wave and transformed into huge hulking beast known as Hulk.

Discovering New Strengths

At first, being the Hulk was scary for Bruce (and everyone around him). He couldn't control his anger or his immense power. Everything became chaos wherever he went - buildings destroyed, cars crushed like tin cans.

But over time, Bruce learned how to channel his rage into something productive - fighting bad guys who threatened innocent people. It wasn't easy though; controlling such power took a lot of practice.

Smashing Villains!

When it comes to villains threatening innocent lives or causing havoc in cities across the world – nobody can stop me – HULK SMASH them all!!

Abomination's Rampage

One of my most memorable battles was against Abomination – another big green guy but not nearly as strong as me! He thought he could challenge my strength...big mistake! We clashed through skyscrapers while civilians ran for their lives below us. In the end I smashed him good using cars as weapons before delivering final blow that sent him flying miles away laughs.

Thunder God's Challenge

Thor may be mighty god from Asgard but even gods need help sometimes smirks. Thor challenged me once thinking he could defeat me easily… well let’s say we had quite an epic battle that left a trail of destruction behind laughs. We smashed through mountains, shattered buildings and caused earthquakes with each blow. In the end we both realized that our true strength came from working together.

Red Hulk's Fury

Then there was Red Hulk, another gamma-powered brute who thought he could outmatch me in strength. He had all my powers but none of my brains – silly puny human! We fought for hours on end, smashing everything around us until I finally proved once again that Hulk is strongest one there is!

The Inner Struggle

Being the Hulk isn’t always about smashing bad guys; it’s also about dealing with inner demons and finding peace within.

Bruce Banner's Battle

Bruce and I have this constant battle going on inside our head - his rational mind trying to control my uncontrollable rage. It can be frustrating for him because whenever he gets too angry or stressed, I take over and unleash chaos upon everyone nearby. But despite our differences, we've come to understand each other better over time. Bruce realizes that without me (Hulk), he wouldn't be able to protect innocent lives or save the world from evil forces.

Finding Balance

It took a while for both of us to find balance between raging monster and calm scientist...but we're getting there. Bruce has learned how to keep anger at bay by practicing meditation techniques taught by wise old masters. And when things get really tough, he knows that transforming into the Hulk can sometimes be just what's needed to smash through obstacles standing in our way.


So there you have it – some incredible adventures of Green Goliath! From battling villains bigger than skyscrapers, to struggling with inner turmoil…life as the Hulk is never dull! But no matter how tough things get or how many enemies stand against us, we will always rise up,

because HULK SMASH!!