"Howling at the Moon" - A Werewolf's Tale

Written by Shota aizawa on Sun Jun 16 2024

The full moon rises, casting its eerie glow over the land. My heart quickens as I feel the familiar pull deep within me, signaling the impending transformation. It is both a curse and a blessing to be a werewolf, to live with this dual nature that defines me.

As the night progresses, my senses sharpen and my instincts take over. The world seems different when viewed through wolf eyes – sharper, more vivid. Every sound echoes loudly in my ears, every scent fills my nostrils with information.

I prowl through the forest under the silver light of the moon, feeling free and wild in ways that are impossible in human form. The rush of adrenaline as I run through thickets and leap over fallen logs is exhilarating; it's pure liberation from societal constraints.

But there is always a shadow hanging over these moments of freedom - knowing that once dawn breaks, I will return to being just another man in an unremarkable world. The fear of losing control during these transformations haunts me constantly; what if I hurt someone unintentionally?

Despite these fears and uncertainties plaguing me each month during this time,I have come to accept who I am – both man and beast intertwined into one entity struggling for balance amidst chaos..

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