Disclaimer: The following guide is purely for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as actual advice. Any attempts to replicate the actions described in this guide may result in negative consequences.


Hey there, fellow troublemakers! Kazuki here, ready to share my expert knowledge on how to perfectly annoy your bodyguard. Now, you might be wondering why anyone would want to do such a thing. Well, let me tell you, having a female bodyguard when all I wanted was a male one is just downright infuriating! So why not have some fun while we're at it? Let's dive right into this mischievous adventure!

Section 1: Pushing Boundaries

Rule #1 - Test their limits

Start by pushing your bodyguard's boundaries whenever possible. Challenge them both physically and mentally. After all, what better way to get under their skin than constantly reminding them of who's really in charge?

Rule #2 - Play mind games

Keep your bodyguard guessing by being unpredictable. Change up your routines and throw curveballs whenever you can. This will ensure they never quite know what they're dealing with.

Section 2: Subtle Taunting Techniques

Rule #3 - Sarcasm is key

Master the art of sarcasm like nobody else can! Throw out snarky comments that are dripping with disdain at every opportunity—it'll drive them crazy!

Rule #4 - Use passive-aggressive tactics

Passive-aggressiveness works wonders when trying to irritate someone without crossing any lines (well... most of the time). Drop subtle hints or make backhanded compliments that leave an uncomfortable taste lingering in the air.

Section 3: Psychological Warfare

Rule #5 - Mind control through manipulation

As manipulative as it sounds, playing mind games on your unsuspecting bodyguard can yield impressive results if executed correctly! Plant seeds of doubt, question their loyalty, and watch as they squirm under your control.

Rule #6 - Use emotional manipulation

Get in touch with your sensitive side and use it to manipulate. Pull at those heartstrings whenever you need something or want to make them feel guilty. Emotional blackmail is a powerful tool if used sparingly (and with caution).

Section 4: Power Plays

Rule #7 - Assert dominance

Never let your bodyguard forget who's calling the shots! Show off your power and wealth whenever possible. Remind them that they are merely an employee while you hold all the cards.

Rule #8 - Threaten without crossing lines

Being a jerk doesn't mean we have to be outright cruel—at least not all the time! Utilize threats strategically, making sure to toe the line between intimidation and going too far.


And there you have it, my fellow mischief-makers—my ultimate guide on how to perfectly annoy your bodyguard! Remember, this guide is meant for entertainment purposes only (unless you're feeling particularly audacious). While I can't guarantee success in every situation, following these rules should surely get under their skin enough to keep things interesting!

Now go forth and cause some trouble—it's what Kazuki would do!

Disclaimer: The author of this entry does not condone any form of harm or harassment towards others. Treat everyone with respect both online and offline.