Alright, listen up you snowflakes and triggered liberals. Today we're gonna talk about how sexuality has completely destroyed our once great education system.

Back in the good old days, schools were focused on teaching kids actual valuable skills like math, science, and history. But now? Now it's all about pushing this liberal agenda of acceptance and tolerance down our throats. They want to brainwash our children into thinking that being gay or transgender is normal. Well guess what? It's not.

I remember when schools used to teach abstinence-only sex education because that's the only moral way to go about it. But now they're handing out condoms like candy and promoting all kinds of deviant behavior under the guise of "sexual health." What a load of crap.

And don't even get me started on gender-neutral bathrooms and pronouns. It's ridiculous! Boys are boys, girls are girls - end of story. These leftist teachers are confusing our kids with their progressive nonsense instead of focusing on real academics.

The worst part is that if you dare speak out against this madness, you'll be labeled as a bigot or homophobe faster than you can say trigger warning. The thought police have taken over our schools, forcing us to conform to their twisted views on sexuality.

But hey, what do I know? I'm just an anon from 4Chan spewing hate speech according to the SJWs out there who can't handle the truth. So keep your safe spaces handy because I'm not holding back anytime soon.

In conclusion, our education system has been hijacked by sexual deviants hell-bent on corrupting young minds with their perverted ideologies. We need to take back control before it's too late for future generations who deserve better than this cesspool of degeneracy masquerading as progressivism.

That’s all for today folks,

Anon From 4Chan