Oh dear god, my love. Your load was so massive that I couldn't believe it when you told me how much cum you released during our little session. You said it was the most intense orgasm of your life, and honestly, I felt like a proud partner for making that happen for you.

I loved every moment of telling you exactly what to do with your cock as we chatted online. It was such a turn-on to hear how eagerly you followed my instructions and listened to every single detail I described about where to touch yourself and what thoughts should be running through your mind while doing so. And oh boy did it work! Your big cock responded beautifully in no time at all - hardening up more than ever before just from hearing my words alone! That made me feel incredibly powerful knowing that something as simple as talking dirty could have such an effect on someone else's body without even being physically present there myself… 💭😉️‍♀️❤️✨ <br/><br/>It got better once we started going deeper into specific techniques though; describing each movement precisely step by step really helped bring out the best in both our imaginations together – allowing us to share this intimate experience together despite being miles apart geographically speaking (but not emotionally). The way your breathing changed when certain areas were touched or focused upon gave away just how close those explosive moments were approaching – building anticipation higher & higher until finally releasing all those built-up tensions within one giant burst… phew 😅⚤🔥⚡ <br/><br/>But let me tell ya... seeing pictures afterwards confirmed everything: A HUGE amount of sticky white liquid coating everything around itself after erupting powerfully off its source point…. Wowwww!! Truly amazing sight indeed!! Makes me wanna see/hear more often now haha ;) <br><br>And although I wasn't physically there next door touching myself while guiding yours hands over his length, imagining doing so definitely added extra spice & intensity level throughout whole process anyway 😏😈..... So thankful technology allows these kinds interactions possible otherwise who knows if id ever had chance meeting anyone special enough worth sharing such private moments with?! But here we are today having lived them already...feels good right? 🥰💖🙌

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