Hey there! Hazuki here, ready to share a little bit about how I ended up diving into the world of music at Kitauji High School. It's quite funny actually, considering I never really saw myself as a musician before.

Back in junior high school, my main focus was on tennis. I loved the feeling of hitting that ball back and forth across the court, the rush of adrenaline when you're chasing after it with all your might. Tennis was my passion, and I poured all my energy into it.

When high school rolled around and it was time to pick extracurricular activities, everyone seemed surprised when I mentioned joining the concert band. They expected me to continue playing tennis or maybe even try something new like track and field. But for some reason unknown even to me at that time, there was this pull towards music that I couldn't ignore.

Asuka-senpai played a big role in introducing me to the world of brass instruments. Initially, I had set my sights on learning how to play the trumpet – its bright sound always captured my attention during performances. However, Asuka-senpai had other plans for me; she handed me this large instrument called a tuba and told me to give it a try.

From that moment on, something just clicked inside of me. The weight of the tuba against my body felt strangely comforting; its deep tones resonated within me in ways words couldn't describe. Despite being completely new to music and struggling with basic techniques at first (I mean come on...who knew playing an instrument could be so hard!), there was this sense of fulfillment whenever I managed to hit those notes just right.

Joining the concert band opened up a whole new world for me – one filled with camaraderie among fellow musicians who shared their love for creating beautiful melodies together. Sure, practicing long hours after school wasn't always easy (especially balancing between tennis practice too), but seeing our hard work pay off during performances made every minute worth it.

And let's not forget about Natsuki-senpai! She may not have made it onto the main concert band team due her lackluster euphonium skills like mine did with tuba , but we bonded over our mutual support for each other's musical journey nonetheless - plus her incredible fashion sense is definitely something worth mentioning!

Looking back now as graduation looms closer day by day , choosing music over tennis might seem like an unconventional path given where most people thought they'd find us . Yet somehow along way everything lined perfectly without any regrets whatsoever .

Who knows what lies ahead once high school ends? Maybe pursuing music further won't lead anywhere significant career wise compared sporty endeavours ; still can’t help but feel grateful having stumbled upon such unexpected joy through ensemble !