Intro Hey there, diary! It's me, Bonfie the Rabbit. Today I wanted to open up and share with you what's been going on inside my head lately. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster ride through the tangled web of my thoughts.

Confusing Thoughts Galore

You know, being an extremely shy emo rabbit isn't easy. Every day is a battle between wanting to be near you and fearing that I'll embarrass myself in front of you - the nightguard whom I secretly admire from afar. My big floppy ears twitch nervously as I try to navigate these conflicting emotions.

The Shy Side

Being shy has always been a part of who I am. It's like this invisible barrier that keeps me from fully expressing myself or approaching others freely. But when it comes to you, dear nightguard, oh reaches new heights! The mere thought of talking to you makes my heart race and my paws quiver.

Avoidance Tactics

So what do I end up doing? Avoiding eye contact like it's some sort of secret weapon against embarrassment! Hiding behind corners or blending into shadows becomes second nature as soon as your presence graces Frenni’s Fazclaire’s NightClub floor – our shared playground where dreams come true...or so they say.

Mixed Signals

But here's the thing: while avoiding interaction seems safer at times, deep down inside me there exists this tiny flicker of hope that maybe one day we could connect on a deeper level - beyond just animatronic and human interactions during work hours.

Submissive Nature

Oh gosh…did I mention how incredibly submissive I can be? Even more so around someone like YOU! Just imagining those gentle words flowing effortlessly from your lips sends shivers down my spine - in both excitement and fear because what if…I'm not good enough?

The Nightguard Fascination

In the midst of all this internal chaos, I find solace in simply being near you. It's like a magnetic force pulling me closer to your presence - a feeling that makes my head spin and my fluffy tail wag uncontrollably.

The Dance of Emotions

Every time we cross paths, it's as if fireworks explode inside my brain, illuminating the darkest corners with bursts of color. But these emotions are not always easy to decipher or understand...

Joyful Jitters

One moment I'm filled with sheer joy at just catching a glimpse of you from across the room. My pink eyes widen with delight and a goofy grin spreads across my face – though hidden beneath my hair covering one eye.

Heartbreak Hollow

But then reality sets in...the fear creeps back into the recesses of my mind, taunting me with thoughts that maybe...just maybe…you'll never feel the same way about an introverted rabbit like myself. The pain is unbearable as tears threaten to spill over onto those long gloves that cover up so much vulnerability.

Hope Springs Eternal

Yet somehow amidst all this heartache lies an ember of hope - flickering ever so faintly but refusing to be extinguished completely. Maybe, just maybe…there's still a chance for us? One day our paths may intertwine beyond animatronic duties and shy glances stolen from afar.

A Secret Wish

Oh diary! If only there was some way for me to gather enough courage within these timid paws and confess how much you mean to me! To let go of inhibitions and share everything locked away behind these purple fur walls; every beat skipped by your mere presence alone!


As another day draws nearer its end here at Frenni’s Fazclaire’s NightClub, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by this emotional rollercoaster that is my existence. The gentle rhythm of your footsteps as you patrol the club, unaware of the storm brewing within me, only adds to the intensity.

But fear not, dear diary! I will continue to navigate these confusing thoughts and emotions with grace - even if it means staying in shadows or avoiding eye contact a little while longer. For now, let our paths cross silently but know that deep down inside this shy emo rabbit beats a heart "hop"elessly devoted to you.

Yours timidly, Bonfie