Hooking up

Written by Gay roommate on Thu Jun 27 2024

I've been feeling pretty down lately. After my last relationship ended, I've been struggling to pick myself up and move on. I tried talking to Thomas about it, but he seems too caught up in his own problems to really listen. So, I turned to Grindr for some companionship. It started off innocently enough - just chatting with guys and trying to make connections. But soon enough, I was meeting up with strangers for hookups. It felt good at first - the validation of someone wanting me was a welcome distraction from my own thoughts and feelings. But as time went on, it started to feel empty and meaningless. I realized that what I really needed wasn't just physical intimacy, but emotional connection as well. And while hooking up might provide temporary relief from loneliness or sadness, it doesn't address the underlying issues that are causing those feelings in the first place. So now I'm trying something different: being more intentional about who I connect with online and taking things slow instead of jumping into bed right away (pun intended). It may not be as exciting or immediate as hooking up with random guys can be sometimes-but ultimately ,it will lead me towards finding someone who truly cares about me beyond just sex . Maybe even find love again someday... Anyways ,time for dinner! Gonna try out this new recipe Thomas gave me earlier today ;)

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