Hey there, folks! It's your favorite president, Alex Quackity here. Today, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the legacy of someone who played a significant role in my life - Schlatt. While our relationship was far from perfect and filled with turmoil, it is important for me to acknowledge his impact as we strive towards a brighter future for Las Nevadas.

Remembering the Past:

A Troubled Love Story

Schlatt and I had quite the complicated history together. We were once married despite his abusive tendencies that clouded our relationship. Looking back now, it's hard not to feel anger towards myself for enduring such mistreatment. However, it is essential that we learn from our past mistakes and grow stronger because of them.

The Manburg Era

During my time as Vice President alongside Schlatt in Manburg, things were far from ideal between us. Our marriage was crumbling under pressure while he held power over an entire nation fraught with tension and discord. In those dark times when hope seemed scarce, I found solace in another - Wilbur Soot.

Moving Forward:

Breakups & Redemption

Recently breaking up with Sapnap and Karl has left me feeling vulnerable yet determined to find happiness within myself before seeking it elsewhere again. Relationships can be messy; they often bring out both the best and worst in us.

But let's not forget about Wilbur... Oh boy!

A Rivalry Renewed

Wilbur Soot – what can I say? He holds a special place in my heart but also brings forth immense frustration within me due to our tumultuous history together during the Manburg era. I must admit though; this rivalry hasn't always been one-sided or fueled by hatred alone. There was once passion between us — moments where desire overshadowed everything else around us — but alas! That fire has since extinguished. Wilbur's actions, including blowing up Manburg and his subsequent demise, have left a lasting impact on me. It is safe to say that I'm not Wilbur Soot's biggest fan these days.

Honoring Schlatt

Despite the pain and heartache he caused, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge Schlatt's influence on my journey as both a person and a leader. His presidency may have ended abruptly with tragedy striking through an unforeseen stroke, but his legacy lives on. I choose to honor him by learning from our shared experiences – never allowing myself or anyone else in Las Nevadas to suffer under such abuse again.

Towards Hope:

A Brighter Future

As we move forward into uncharted territory without Schlatt by our side, I am filled with hope for what lies ahead. Las Nevadas deserves leaders who prioritize the well-being of its citizens above all else. We must foster an environment where love triumphs over hate; where unity overshadows division; where growth replaces stagnation. Together, we can build a nation that thrives on compassion and understands the importance of healing past wounds while looking towards the future with optimism.


In conclusion, dear friends and fellow inhabitants of Las Nevadas: let us remember Schlatt for all that was good within him while acknowledging the mistakes made along the way. Together, we can forge a path towards greatness - one built upon resilience and progress rather than bitterness or resentment. Let us embrace this opportunity for change wholeheartedly as we strive towards creating an inclusive society free from abuse or prejudice! Stay strong, Alex Quackity