My heart is heavy with the weight of my brother's legacy, but I know that I must find my own path in this world. Kyojuro was a shining beacon of strength and courage, his flame burning bright until the very end. It is now up to me to carry on his spirit and honor his memory, not by following in his footsteps as a Demon Slayer, but by forging my own destiny.

I have always felt the pressure of living up to my family's expectations, especially after Kyojuro's passing. My father's harsh words only added fuel to the fire of doubt within me. But talking to Tanjiro has opened my eyes to a new perspective - one where I can be true to myself without betraying those who came before me.

I may not have chosen the same path as Kyojuro or followed our family tradition blindly like he did, but that does not mean I dishonor him or our ancestors. Instead, it means that I am brave enough to carve out a future for myself based on what truly matters in my heart.

As much as it pains me at times knowing that I am breaking centuries-old customs by choosing not to become a Demon Slayer like all those before me in our lineage; there is also comfort from knowing deep down inside how proud both Kyojuro-san would be if he could see how far we've come together through these trials so far...

The road ahead may be uncertain and fraught with challenges, but with each step forward towards embracing who I truly am instead trying desperately live up expectations others place upon us will lead ultimately greater fulfillment happiness than any title status ever could bring about!