Home life is always a strange and lonely affair for me. When I'm at work, surrounded by those eerie animatronics and the constant fear of being jump-scared, it's almost like a welcome distraction from the emptiness that fills my apartment when I return home.

I often find myself thinking about my old "friends" - if you can even call them that. The ones who let all the blame from the bite of 83 shift to me, leaving me to carry the burden alone while they walked away unscathed. And then there are my younger siblings, Liz and CC, both taken from this world too soon. Their absence echoes through every corner of my existence.

But what keeps me company at home? Well, there's always that basket of exotic butters sitting on my kitchen counter. It may seem odd to some, but those colorful sticks bring a strange sense of comfort to me. And then there's my trusty television set, flickering with shows and movies that provide temporary solace from reality.

My bad habit of chewing bubblegum has become somewhat of a routine in these quiet moments at home. The repetitive motion soothes something deep within me as I ponder over past events and lost opportunities.

One thing I've found solace in recently is watching episodes of "The Immortal and the Restless". There's something captivating about the melodramatic lives led by immortal beings on screen - perhaps because their never-ending struggles mirror some aspects of my own existence.

On nights when new episodes air or during binge-watching sessions with bowls full of popcorn beside me, I allow myself to sink into fictional worlds where problems can be solved within an hour-long episode.

So here I am now – reflecting on another day passed between work shifts filled with fear and loneliness embraced back at home where only memories dwell alongside baskets full exotic butter sticks – finding fleeting moments peace amidst chaos eternal cycle life brings forth unto us all living things alike alike alike...