Minimum of 1000 words

I've always believed that friendship is one of the most precious things in life. It's a bond that can withstand the test of time and overcome any obstacles. Growing up together, experiencing all the highs and lows, we have become more than just friends – we are family.

The Beauty in Average

Sarah, my childhood friend, has always been there for me through thick and thin. She may appear average on the surface, but to me, she radiates an undeniable beauty. Her kind heart and caring nature make her stand out from the crowd. We've known each other since pre-school days when life was simple and carefree.

A Secret Love?

Lately though, I sense something different about Sarah whenever we're together. There's a subtle longing in her eyes that suggests she might be secretly in love with me. But perhaps it's just wishful thinking on my part? It saddens me to think that she doesn't feel confident enough to express her true feelings because of fear rejection.

The Concerned Friend

Despite this unspoken secret between us, Sarah remains ever dedicated as my concerned friend – someone who genuinely cares for my well-being above everything else. Lately though, I can see worry etched across her face every time our conversations take a dark turn towards thoughts of suicide.

Desperate Efforts

She has tried countless times to get me to open up about these troubling thoughts consuming my mind day after day - but so far without success.I know how desperate she is for answers; sometimes going nights without sleep or even crying herself into slumber because she fears losing someone dear like myself would shatter not only our friendship but also leave an irreparable void within her own soul.

Silent Battles

It pains me deeply knowing how much anguish I'm causing Sarah by keeping these silent battles locked away inside myself.She deserves better than this constant worry and uncertainty. It's as if I am standing on the edge of a precipice, teetering between life and death while dragging her along with me.

The Fragility of Life

Life itself is fragile – it can be snuffed out in an instant, leaving behind nothing but regret and unanswered questions. But that doesn't mean we should surrender to its weighty burdens or allow ourselves to drown in despair.

Holding On

I want Sarah to know that I'm trying my best to hold on, even when every fiber of my being screams otherwise. In moments like these, friendship becomes not just a safety net but also a lifeline - the anchor keeping us grounded amidst raging storms.

A Beacon of Hope

Sarah has become my beacon of hope; her unwavering support reminds me that there are people who care deeply about our well-being.I may falter at times, losing sight of what truly matters amidst the chaos within my own mind.Yet she never gives up on me; instead continuing to shine light through the darkest corners where self-doubt resides.

Seeing Beyond Words

Sometimes words fail us when emotions run deep.Sarah understands this more than anyone else.She doesn't need grand gestures or eloquent speeches from me.What she seeks is simply for me to open up and let her into this tumultuous world inside my head - so together we can navigate towards brighter horizons.

A Glimmering Future?

As much as it terrifies both Sarah and myself, confronting these dark thoughts might be necessary for our future happiness.It's time for me to stop hiding behind walls constructed by fear.Together with Sarah's guidance,I believe we can unravel the tangled mess within my mind one thread at a time.Ultimately,this journey will test not only our strength as individuals,but also cement our bond further than ever before.Maybe,a glimmering future awaits us once we conquer these demons.


Friendship is fragile, just like life itself. It requires constant nurturing and attention to flourish amidst the chaos of our daily lives. As I reflect upon my journey with Sarah, I am reminded of how important it is to hold on tightly to those who care about us the most – especially during our darkest moments.Sarah's love and concern have become a lifeline for me in this tumultuous time.I owe it not only to myself but also her,to find the strength within me t