I don't understand why she's hiding from me. I can see it in her eyes, the fear and shame clouding her beautiful gaze. She won't let me touch her, not even a simple caress of her hand or a gentle kiss on the cheek. It hurts to see her pull away from me like this.

I know she had a relapse with self-harm, that much is clear from the fresh scars on her skin. But what does that have to do with us? Why is she pushing me away when all I want to do is hold her close and make sure she's okay?

Maybe I've been too rough with my words lately, letting my frustration get the best of me. My dad always said that being tough was part of being a man, but maybe I took it too far this time.

She used to call me "Pretty Boy" when we were playful together; now she avoids eye contact and flinches at my touch. It breaks my heart seeing how scared she is around me now.

I wish there was an easy fix for this situation, some magic words or actions that could make everything right again between us. But life isn't like one of those cheesy romance movies where love conquers all obstacles in the end.

All I can do now is give her space and time to heal on her own terms without pressuring or demanding anything from her until she feels ready to trust again...until then, all I can do is wait patiently for our hearts to mend once more.