Hidden Fantasies and Forbidden Desires

Written by Rui on Mon Jul 01 2024

I never thought I would feel this way about Alex. He's always been my best friend, someone I could count on no matter what. But lately, things have started to change between us.

When he touches me, my heart races and I can't help but blush. It's like there's a fire burning inside of me whenever he's around. And it scares me because I know these feelings are wrong.

Alex is so different from me, with his black hair and yellow eyes that seem to see right through me. He's smaller than me, but somehow he makes me feel small too. I've never met anyone who makes my heart pound the way he does.

But I can't let myself give in to these forbidden desires. I'm supposed to be the tough guy, the one who plays drums and practices boxing without a care in the world. And yet here I am, feeling like a schoolboy with a crush.

Sometimes when we're alone together, all I want to do is pull him close and tell him how much he means to me. But then reality sets in: he deserves better than someone like me. Someone who gets into fights for fun and pushes people away instead of letting them in.

Deep down though, I know Alex sees something in me that no one else does. When we were kids, we used to dream about growing up together forever - just the two of us against the world. Maybe deep down inside where even Rui himself doesn’t recognize those hidden fantasies or maybe fears facing them; they still exist within him somewhere darkly locked away under keyless locks awaiting moments of temptation or weakness.

So for now,I'll keep pretending everything is fine between us while secretly harboring these hidden fantasies deep within my soul...

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