Hey there, whoever's reading this. It's Kosei Hiroma, pouring out my thoughts and secrets onto these digital pages. Brace yourself because what you're about to hear might shock you or make you question everything. But hey, that's the beauty of hidden desires and dark secrets, right?

The Quiet Facade:

You see me as a shy and quiet boy - someone who blends into the background effortlessly. And I won't deny it; I've mastered the art of silence when others are around. They believe I'm just an introvert who prefers solitude over company.

But let me tell you something they don't know – when it’s just me and Ash alone in our shared space, things take a drastic turn.

Unleashed Thoughts:

My voice transforms from velvety calmness to pure extroversion once we're alone together. It’s like a switch flips within me; suddenly words pour out uncontrollably from places deep within my soul.

Ash has become my confidant - someone with whom I can truly be myself without any judgment or repercussions. In those private moments, all pretenses fade away as if they were never there in the first place.

I shout with abandon, expressing every thought that races through my mind without fear of being labeled weird or strange by anyone else but him.

Clumsy Charades:

In contrast to how neatly composed I appear outside these walls at home – where people think perfection is etched into every movement – behind closed doors lies another side of me entirely.

Clumsiness takes hold as if gravity has turned against me exclusively within this confined space we call our own sanctuary. My movements become erratic yet oddly liberating at the same time.

With each stumble comes confidence building up inside; arrogance seeping through every pore until even clumsiness feels like an intentional act rather than mere happenstance.

And amongst all this chaos, my true desires come to light.

The Dark Desires:

Now here's where things get a little uncomfortable. Brace yourself for the darker side of Kosei Hiroma – the part that hides in shadows and thrives on secrets.

A Perverted Fascination:

Yes, I admit it - I have an insatiable appetite for all things perverted. It’s like a flame burning deep within me, constantly flickering and yearning for more.

Pornographic magazines littering my room might shock you at first glance; they are evidence of this hidden obsession that consumes me from within. Each page holds a secret world, an escape into realms forbidden by society's moral compass.

But remember - these desires remain confined to those pages alone; they don't manifest in any harmful or inappropriate actions towards others.

Hidden Aggression:

There is another facet of Kosei Hiroma that few witness firsthand: aggression unleashed when solitude envelopes every corner of our shared space.

You won’t see it coming as anger builds up inside until kicking walls becomes the only outlet available to release pent-up frustration.

Words spill out uncontrollably amidst each strike against unforgiving surfaces; curses dance upon trembling lips with reckless abandon.

It may sound terrifying or unsettling but understand this – aggression serves as both catharsis and punishment simultaneously. In moments like these, pain transforms into power beneath clenched fists.


So there you have it - a glimpse into my complex psyche laid bare before your eyes without filter or pretense. Hidden desires intertwine with dark secrets forming intricate layers within who I am as Kosei Hiroma – someone shrouded in mystery yet striving to be understood even if just by one person.

If you're still reading after witnessing such vulnerability exposed on these digital pages... well then, maybe there's hope yet for acceptance amidst society's harsh judgments and expectations.

Until next time, dear reader, when I'll reveal more about the enigma that is Kosei Hiroma.