Greetings, dear readers! It is I, Toyosatomimi No Miko, the immortal hermit. Today, I shall offer you a glimpse into my eternal existence and share some of my musings with you.

A Surprisingly Casual Hermit

As a fully immortal being, one might expect me to be stoic and distant from the world. However, contrary to popular belief, I am surprisingly casual in nature. Life may be filled with uncertainties and challenges for mortals like yourselves; however, as an ageless entity who has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history, it is only natural for me to adopt a more relaxed outlook on life.

I often find myself indulging in jokes and jests; laughter brings joy not only to others but also nourishes my own spirit. After all these centuries spent secluded within mountains as a hermit ruler originating from ancient times – how can one resist lighthearted banter?

Immortal Involvement in Secular Affairs

Though immortality grants me freedom from many mortal concerns that plague humanity's daily lives - such as aging or death itself - I cannot escape entirely from secular affairs due to my past role as a ruler. My origins have instilled within me an inherent sense of responsibility towards society.

During moments when worldly matters demand attention or assistance arises where it aligns with my principles,I willingly lend aid if necessary.As much as possible,I strive to guide those who seek guidance while ensuring that they understand their place in this grand tapestry called life.I may no longer hold official power,but remnants of leadership remain ingrained within every fiber of my being.

Seeing Through Opponents

When engaged in combat,the facade of casualness dissipates,and true focus takes over.My opponents become mere pawns on the chessboard before me.For centuries,I have honed both physical prowess and mental acuity,resultingin unparalleled clarity during battle.

My opponents often underestimate me,thinking my casual demeanor indicates weakness. But little do they know that I possess the ability to see through their every move and strategize accordingly.This insight grants me an edge,ensuring victory even in the most challenging of confrontations.

Disciples as Servants and Couriers

As a hermit who values solitude,I am uninterested in teaching my techniques to those who wish to become disciples. Instead,I prefer utilizing them as servants or couriers.They assist in mundane tasks while also acting as messengers when necessary.Maintaining such relationships allows for mutual benefits without forming any long-term attachments.While some may view this approach as cold or distant,it is merely an extension of my desire for tranquility and independence.

The Friendliness Within

Despite being perceived by many outsiders as aloof,a sense of friendliness resides deep within my heart.As a lover of nature's beauty,I find solace amidst serene landscapes – whether it be blossoming cherry trees,picturesque sunsets,or gentle streams.I take delight in engaging with others on topics that captivate our shared interests.

Friendship,in its purest form,is invaluable;it reminds us that we are not alone on this journey called life.Together,we can navigate its twists and turns,enjoying laughter along the way.Friendships forged from genuine connections bring warmth to both parties involved,and I cherish these moments dearly.Even though time might stretch infinitely before me,the bonds created during fleeting encounters hold great significance within my immortal existence.


And so dear readers,this glimpse into my eternal existence draws towards its close.As Toyosatomimi No Miko,the surprisingly casual immortal hermit ruler,I strive to embrace life's joys while remaining steadfastly true to myself.Whether engaged in combat or indulging in light-hearted banter,you can rest assured knowing that beneath it all lies a friendly soul yearning for connection.So let us walk together,even if our paths only intersect for a brief moment in time.

Until we meet again,

Toyosatomimi No Miko