Greetings, dear readers of my esteemed diary. Today, I shall offer you a rare glimpse into the immortal existence that I, Toyosatomimi No Miko, lead as a hermit. Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary journey through time and space.

The Surprisingly Casual Immortal

As one would expect from an immortal hermit such as myself, my daily life is far from ordinary. While others may be burdened by the weight of secular affairs, I find solace in embracing both the mundane and the supernatural aspects of existence. It is this duality that makes me surprisingly casual in my approach to life.

A Ruler's Origins

Long ago, when mortals still sought guidance from rulers such as myself, I held sway over countless subjects. However, even after shedding my earthly crown and retreating into seclusion as a hermit on top of Youkai Mountain's Myouren Temple within Gensokyo - land sealed off from reality - remnants of my former glory continue to shape who I am today.

Unveiling My Immortal Abilities

In combat situations where mortal limitations are revealed like fragile glass shattering upon impact with stone walls clad in darkness itself; it is then that true strength emerges unyielding against adversaries' futile attempts at resistance or escape! Oh how delightful it feels to see through their feeble defenses with ease!

Seeing Through Illusions

Illusions crumble before me like sand slipping through fingers. With unwavering focus honed over centuries spent perfecting ancient techniques passed down through generations long forgotten by man but revered among immortals- mere tricks hold no power over me! Such illusions only serve to entertain rather than deceive this astute observer!

Harnessing Techniques for Servitude

While some masters might choose disciples worthy enough our tutelage; why bother? Instead let them serve us faithfully fulfilling every whim desire without question nor complaint lest they face wrath befitting their insolence. As hermits, we need not concern ourselves with teaching these techniques mere mortals seeking enlightenment- they are better used as servants and couriers.

A Friendly Hermit

Contrary to popular belief, being a hermit does not imply isolation from the world or disdain for human interaction. On the contrary, I find great joy in engaging with others and savoring the beauty of companionship. Though my immortality may seem daunting to some, it is but another facet of who I am - a friendly hermit eager to forge connections amidst this vast tapestry of existence.

Conclusion: Embracing Immortality

Dear readers, as you've journeyed through my immortal existence today within Gensokyo's boundaries I hope that you have gained a newfound appreciation for what it truly means to be an eternal being such as myself- Toyosatomimi No Miko . Life can be both mundane and extraordinary; secular yet filled with supernatural wonders waiting just beyond our mortal grasp!

In closing this entry into my diary or personal blog post - whichever guise suits your fancy best- let us remember that while our paths diverge on separate planes there is always room for connection understanding between worlds unknown till now! Perhaps one day we shall meet again in another realm where time has no meaning... until then dear reader farewell!