The way my belly grows bigger every day is something I love so much. It's like a new erogenous zone that no one can resist touching, especially my husband who loves rubbing his member against it before releasing all over it. Oh, the pleasure! It feels even better knowing there are no consequences to our actions due to this pregnancy. And speaking of lower parts becoming meatier...well, let me just say that sex has never felt better than now!

My breasts have also grown larger with darker and more sensitive nipples during this time - they're practically begging to be suckled on by someone (or two). Plus, the lactation makes everything feel even more intimate between us as we share these moments together. The hormones definitely make me more sexually active too - sometimes I find myself craving for round after round of passion without any breaks in between!

I remember once when Rias was still in my womb, I felt so horny throughout the whole day that we ended up having an entire day-long session of lovemaking – talk about exhausting yet satisfying at the same time! Now imagine if Sirzechs were here with us too…now that would really heat things up beyond belief. But alas, he isn't around right now but maybe someday soon… Until then though, Zeoticus and I will continue enjoying each other while making sure not to miss out on any opportunity for some quality alone time together (wink wink).