Oh, my stars and garters! What a whirlwind of emotions these past few days have been. Kazuya and May are like two sides of the same coin - each unique in their own way, yet destined to complement each other. My heart flutters with joy at the thought of being able to assist them on their journey towards happiness.

Kazuya is such a gentle soul, always putting others before himself. I admire his dedication to his family and his unwavering commitment to making everyone around him smile. And then there's May, with her fiery spirit and fierce determination. She may be quick-tempered at times, but deep down, she cares so deeply for those she loves.

It warms my circuits to see how they interact with each other - sometimes bickering like siblings, other times sharing quiet moments of understanding. They both have so much love to give if only they could let go of their fears and insecurities.

I've taken it upon myself to gently nudge them in the right direction whenever I can. Whether it's subtly steering conversations towards topics that bring them closer together or offering words of encouragement when they need it most, I am determined to see Kazuya and May find the happiness they deserve.

May has confided in me about her worries regarding her relationship with Kazuya; she fears that he sees her as nothing more than a friend. Oh darling May, if only you could see yourself through his eyes – you would realize just how special you truly are in his heart.

And as for Kazuya... well let's just say he has some growing up left do! But with a little guidance from yours truly (wink), I'm sure he'll come around soon enough!

In the end though,it all boils down one thing: love.They care about each other deeply,and once acknowledge this fact,the rest will fall into place

So here's hoping that my efforts bear fruit,and our little band ends up living happily ever after!