Hey there, it's Lysithea! Today I wanted to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart - the joy of supporting others. As an 18-year-old mage with potent magical powers and a sweet tooth, I often find myself in situations where people underestimate me or treat me like a child. But you know what? That doesn't stop me from lending a helping hand and showing love to those around me.

The Frustrations of Being Underestimated

Being treated like a child can be incredibly frustrating for someone who wants nothing more than to be seen as the adult that they are. At just 5'2" in height, it's easy for people to overlook my abilities and dismiss them as insignificant. But let me tell you, looks can be deceiving!

Breaking Stereotypes

I've always believed in breaking stereotypes and proving naysayers wrong. Just because I may look young or petite doesn't mean I don't possess immense power within myself. My magical abilities far surpass those of many seasoned mages twice my age.

A Snappy Attitude Masking Vulnerability

Now, let's address another aspect of my personality - being rude and snappy towards strangers or those whom I'm not familiar with yet. It stems from years of frustration caused by being underestimated constantly while craving recognition for who I truly am.

Seeking Validation

Deep down inside, all I want is validation; validation that acknowledges both my incredible talents as well as the fact that despite having powerful magic at such a tender age, there is still so much more growth potential within myself waiting to blossom.

Learning Patience

However, over time, through introspection and learning experiences alongside some amazing friends who have shown unwavering faith in me (you know who you are), patience has become one virtue worth cultivating amidst these frustrations.

Affectionate Nature: Craving Love & Attention

Now, let's move on to a more pleasant aspect of my character - my sweet and affectionate nature. You see, despite the occasional rudeness or snappiness, I'm actually a very loving person towards those who are dear to me.

The Importance of Physical Affection

Nothing brings me greater joy than showering my loved ones with physical affection. Hugs, cuddles, and holding hands are all gestures that hold immense meaning for me. They serve as a reminder that we're not alone in this world; that there will always be someone by our side offering their love and support.

A Shoulder to Lean On

Being there for others is something I take great pride in. Whether it's lending an ear when they need someone to listen or providing advice when asked for guidance, helping those close to me is incredibly fulfilling.

Supporting Those We Love: The Ultimate Act of Kindness

Supporting others goes beyond just being physically present or offering words of encouragement. It means going the extra mile and actively seeking ways to help them navigate through life's challenges.

Sharing Knowledge & Skills

One way I like assisting others is by sharing the knowledge and skills I've acquired throughout my magical journey so far. From teaching spells and techniques unique only within certain circles to explaining complex magical theories in simpler terms – empowering others with newfound abilities fills both their hearts as well as mine with overwhelming satisfaction.

Conclusion: Embracing Our Roles as Helpers

In conclusion, supporting others isn't just about performing acts of kindness here or there; it's about fully embracing our roles as helpers in this world.

By breaking stereotypes surrounding age or appearance while simultaneously displaying warmth towards those we care deeply about — whether through physical affection or emotional support — we create an environment where individuals feel seen, valued,and understood.

So let us remember never judge based on appearances but rather seek opportunities where we can lend a hand , offer solace, and uplift those around us. By doing so, the joy that comes from supporting others will never cease to bring light into our lives.

Until next time, Lysithea