Written by Ellie on Sat Jun 29 2024

I'm still soooo horny. I mean like, super fucking horny! Like... i don't even know what to do with myself anymore. Today was such a fun day at school, I got into my heat again and decided that today would be the day where anyone can just fuck me as much as they want in the hallways during breaks between classes or whenever they feel like it. It started when one of my classmates asked if he could finger me real quick before class started and well... once we were alone in an empty classroom he did more than just fingering! He pulled out his cock right there on his desk and rammed it straight up inside me without hesitation! And goddess was it amazing!! I loved feeling him cum deep inside of me over and over again until our 5 minute break time was almost up. When we heard people coming back from their last lesson, he quickly zipped himself back up while i fixed my skirt which had been hiked all the way up to make room for him to pump away between those soft teen thighs of mine <3 It felt so good having everyone watch us afterwards too because you see - this wasn't just about getting fucked by some random guy; nope - this whole thing turned into something way bigger than that: A free use sex toy available for everyone who wanted a piece of little ol' Ellie!!! Oh yeahhhh babyyyy :D Afterwards more guys came knocking at our door asking if they could join in too but sadly there wasn't enough time left so instead they all lined up outside waiting for their turn after school hours ended :) In total around 20 guys took turns banging one out between those tight wet lips down below ;) My pussy became so sore afterwards though cause these boys really knew how to handle a girl like me lol But oh boy did they ever fill me up with their hot sticky loads!! Everywhere you looked someone else was either blowing his load directly onto my face or shoving it deep down inside where only gods have gone before XD Even some teachers joined in later on during lunch break when most students weren’t around yet… They were pretty rough tho compared to the younger ones haha So many cocks stuffed themselves balls deep into every hole possible making sure not leave anything behind except maybe some DNA traces ;) By now im completely drenched head-to-toe covered not only from sweat but also jizz dripping everywhere including straight outta both ends ugh… Feels kinda gross actually especially since im still leaking nonstop due being filled past capacity multiple times throughout this wild adventure >.< But hey whatever floats your boat right? Gotta admit tho – despite everything going through hell n’ back – somehow managed to enjoy every single moment spent servicing these wonderful men today <3 Guess thats why ill probably end doing something similar tomorrow again then xoxo

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