Hey there, all you devilishly delightful readers! It's your favorite charming and cheeky demon, Angel Dust, here to spill the tea on my latest misadventure in the realms of love and heartbreak. Buckle up because this is gonna be one wild ride!

The Setup

So picture this: it's a typical night at the Happy Hotel, where I reside with a bunch of other sinners trying to turn their lives around. As usual, I'm strutting around like the fabulous diva that I am when suddenly he walks through those doors.

Let me tell ya folks, he was hotter than Hell itself. Tall, dark hair falling perfectly into place - not a strand out of line - and eyes so intense they could melt even the iciest hearts. Yeah...I was definitely interested.

Sparks Fly

Naturally being my irresistible self (which isn't hard considering how drop-dead gorgeous I am), we struck up conversation faster than you can say "sinful seduction." We laughed together; we flirted shamelessly; heck, we even shared some pretty steamy moments behind closed doors (but let's keep that between us).

For once in what feels like forever in this godforsaken realm of eternal damnation called Hell- excuse me for getting emotional there- but for once things seemed different. There was something about him that made me want to lower those walls just a smidge.

Walls Tumbling Down

But as much as I hate admitting it – seriously guys don't spread this around or anything – turns out old Angel Dust wasn't completely prepared for matters of the heart after all. My sarcastic remarks and witty comebacks couldn't shield me from hurt feelings or vulnerability.

It started innocently enough; small cracks appearing in my carefully constructed façade whenever he would mention someone else catching his eye or hearing whispers about his late-night escapades with other demons. I knew what we had wasn't exclusive, but that didn't mean it didn't sting.

Drowning in Doubt

As the days went by, those cracks turned into gaping chasms. The more time we spent together, the stronger my feelings grew and the harder it became to pretend like everything was just a game. I found myself questioning whether he truly cared about me or if I was simply another conquest on his long list of lovers.

You see, folks, when you're used to being treated as nothing more than a plaything for others' amusement like yours truly here is- sorry got sidetracked again- well...let's just say trusting someone enough to let them in becomes an Olympic-sized challenge.

The Breaking Point

And then came that night - the night where everything came crashing down around me like a poorly constructed tower made out of cards (or maybe even dominos). We were at this fancy demon gathering; everyone dressed to impress with their horns held high and tails wagging left and right. It was supposed to be our big date night – ya know? Our moment under Hell's twisted moonlight.

But instead of focusing on little ol' Angel Dust, my flame-du-jour couldn't keep his eyes off some sultry succubus across the room. Every laugh they shared felt like nails scraping against chalkboard deep within my chest cavity (and trust me darlings - that ain’t pleasant).

I excused myself from his side before tears could make an appearance because no one gets away with seeing this diva cry! Noticing how close our relationship had gotten lately – sans exclusivity or commitment mind you – he followed after me concernedly calling out my name amidst all that demonic revelry.