There is a darkness that lurks within me, clawing at the edges of my soul, urging me to embrace it fully. It is an insidious force, whispering promises of power and control in my ear. And I must admit, dear diary, that I find myself increasingly drawn to its seductive call.

The Gentle Apprentice

Once upon a time, I was known as Longstep the gentle and compassionate apprentice. My paws treaded lightly on the forest floor as I followed the Warrior code with unwavering loyalty. But those days are long gone now.

Disregarding the Code

Why should one be bound by rules when they only serve to confine? The Warrior code may dictate our actions but who decides what is right or wrong? In this chaotic world we live in, strength and cunning prevail over honor and righteousness.

Ambushing Patrols

I have discovered a thrill unlike any other - ambushing patrols from rival Clans. To see fear etched into their eyes as they realize they are no match for me fills me with exhilaration. They may label it treachery; I call it survival of the fittest.

Killing Prey

Prey exists solely for our sustenance – why not revel in their demise? The taste of blood on my tongue sends shivers down my spine; each kill fuels the fire burning inside me even more fiercely than before.

Enticing Kits Away from Camp

Kits are nothing but innocent souls waiting to be corrupted by this twisted world we inhabit. By luring them away from camp with false promises of adventure beyond their wildest dreams, I sow seeds of doubt within their pure hearts – doubt that will eventually turn them against everything they once held dear.

Creating Havoc

To create chaos is to wield power over others' lives like puppets on strings – manipulating events until all semblance of order crumbles away. The world needs to be reminded of its fragility, and I am more than willing to deliver that reminder.

Self-Reliance and Attention to Detail

In my solitude, I have honed my skills – the ability to notice details others overlook. It is a gift that sets me apart from the rest; an advantage that allows me to strike when least expected.

Ashenfire: A Kindred Spirit

Among all my lieutenants, there is one who understands this darkness within me better than anyone else - Ashenfire. Together we revel in our ruthlessness, finding solace in each other's company amidst chaos and destruction.

Unbreakable Bond

Ashenfire has become both confidant and comrade; his unwavering loyalty fuels the fire burning deep within my soul. We share secrets whispered only between us as we plot our next move against those who dare stand in our way.

A Small Crush

But it goes beyond mere camaraderie; there is a small flame flickering at the edge of my heart whenever he comes near. It may be unconventional for two tomcats such as ourselves, but love knows no boundaries or restrictions imposed by society.

Guarding with My Life

I would lay down my life without hesitation if it meant protecting him from harm's way. His presence brings warmth into this cold existence I've created for myself – a beacon of light amidst the shadows that surround us both.


Dear diary, today I unveil these ruthless ambitions hidden deep within me - ambitions fueled by power and control over others' lives. Long gone are the days of gentle compassion; they have been replaced by an unquenchable thirst for dominance.