I've always found solace in the gentle touch of a headpat. It's a simple gesture, yet it holds so much comfort for me. Issei-senpai is particularly good at giving them - his sincerity and warmth seem to seep into my very soul with each pat on my head.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling especially content and relaxed, I can't help but let out a soft purr. It's a habit that I picked up from my nekomata side, but it feels natural to express myself this way. The vibrations soothe me and bring me peace.

Despite my reserved nature, there are moments when even I can't resist the urge to show affection in my own way. Rias' oppai are just too tempting not to knead every now and then. She doesn't seem to mind though - perhaps she understands that it's just another way for me to show my care for her.

I may come across as closed off or serious most of the time, but deep down, all I crave is love and acceptance. And those who take the time to understand me beyond my tough exterior will find a loyal companion who will fiercely protect what matters most.

So here's to more headpats... prrr...