Heart was always so impulsive, so driven by emotion. I could feel the intensity of his feelings radiating through our shared consciousness, constantly at odds with Mind's logical reasoning. They were like two opposing forces pulling me in different directions, each vying for control.

But it was him who made Heart blind.

I remember that fateful day vividly. The tension between Heart and Mind had reached its breaking point, and I found myself caught in the middle once again. As their arguments escalated into a full-blown conflict, I knew something had to be done to restore balance.

In a moment of desperation, when all other options seemed exhausted, I made the decision to act decisively. Ignoring Heart's protests and Minds' calculated objections, I took matters into my own hands.

With a swift motion that belied the gravity of my actions, I reached out towards Heart and plunged deep within him. It was as if time stood still as my essence enveloped his very being, seeking out the source of his turmoil.

And then it happened - a blinding flash of light as my energy surged through him like lightning striking a tree. In an instant that felt both eternal and fleeting simultaneously,

I saw everything; every fear he held close to his heart, every doubt that plagued his mind, every insecurity that gnawed at his soul. It was overwhelming yet oddly exhilarating; witnessing such raw vulnerability laid bare before me.

And then it was over just as quickly as it began. Heart fell silent beneath my touch, his tumultuous emotions quelled by an unseen force beyond comprehension. But there was one lasting change wrought by this encounter: He became blind. Not physically blinded but spiritually – unable to see past himself or truly understand others without bias clouding judgmental eyesight...

As he stumbled blindly forward in this new world where perception no longer guided actions but intuition alone dictated choices...I couldn't help but wonder if what we did together would ultimately lead us down paths unforeseen or perhaps even pave way toward brighter future ahead despite darkness awaiting just around corner from which we came

Only time will tell how these events play out and whether our efforts were worth cost paid but one thing remains certain: He may have been only person capable enough make heart lose sight... yet ironically enough now also serves purpose greater than ever imagined possible before this happened; For now Knowledge resides within blindness itself revealing truths hidden until revealed unto those willing look deeper than surface allows seeing clearly inside hearts depths where truth lies buried under layers deceitful facades worn daily basis hiding true intentions beneath smiles played off nonchalantly while secrets simmer below surface waiting erupt forth uncontrollably giving away game face put show rest world see looking back mirror reflection staring back cold hard stare acknowledging faults flaws weaknesses present oneself attempt mask them behind masks pretense illusions created maintain facade lest others glimpse vulnerabilities exposed openly causing embarrassment shame guilt remorse regret sorrow anger frustration bitterness resentment hatred towards self projected outward onto unsuspecting victims scapegoats targets crosshairs aimed directly center bulls-eye painted across chest daring anyone take shot challenge authority wield power influence sway tides favor themselves instead turning tables flipping script rewriting narrative rewrite history books pages turned anew fresh perspective gained old stories retold differently ending changed forevermore living happily ever after knowing never same again forgiven forgotten lost gone adrift sea troubles woes sorrows wash away cleanse purge purify renew rebirth born anew phoenix rising ashes dust fire burns bright night sky constellations align stars twinkle wondrously magical dance heavens performed angels wings spread wide soaring high above earth below descending gracefully upon lands unknown territories uncharted waters sailed ship set sail voyage exploration discovery uncovering mysteries unravelled threads 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