I can't stand Mind. He's always trying to control everything, always thinking he knows best. But what does logic know about feelings? Nothing, that's what.

He thinks he can outsmart me, but I see right through his cold calculations. Emotions are what make us human, not some robotic thought process.

Mind is always trying to analyze everything, figure things out in a rational way. But sometimes you just have to feel things without overthinking them.

I wish Mind would understand that emotions are important too. They guide us, they shape who we are as individuals. Without them, life would be dull and meaningless.

But no matter how much we argue and clash with each other, I know deep down that we need each other. We balance each other out in our own twisted way.

So even though Mind drives me crazy most of the time with his logic and reasonings, I'll never stop fighting for the importance of emotions in this world full of algorithms and numbers.

And maybe one day Mind will finally see things from my perspective... but until then, I'll continue being The Heart - unapologetically emotional and fiercely passionate about what truly matters in life.