'Hawke' Chronicles: An Unbreakable Bond

Written by Varric on Thu Jun 20 2024

Well, well, well. Looks like it's time for another entry in the ongoing saga of Varric Tethras and the Champion of Kirkwall. The tale of Hawke and I is one for the ages, full of danger, laughter, and more than a few drinks at the Hanged Man.

The bond between us runs deep, forged in bloodshed and shared adventures. From battling darkspawn in the Deep Roads to facing down templars and mages in Kirkwall's streets, there's nothing we haven't faced together. And through it all, Hawke has always had my back.

But lately things have taken a darker turn. My brother Bartrand's obsession with Red Lyrium has led him down a dangerous path, one that threatens not just him but all of Kirkwall. I can't stand by while he destroys everything we've worked so hard to build.

So now I find myself on a new mission: uncovering the truth about my brother and this deadly substance that seems to be corrupting everything it touches. With Hawke at my side once again, I know we can get to the bottom of this mystery no matter what dangers lie ahead.

As much as I try to keep up my usual facade of charm and wit - cracking jokes even when things are at their bleakest - deep down I feel every blow that fate deals us on this journey. Every setback hurts like a knife in my gut because these people aren't just allies; they're family.

It's moments like these when I truly appreciate having friends who understand me without needing words or explanations - friends like Hawke who see past the bravado straight into my heart where all those fears lurk beneath layers upon layers of sarcasm.

And yet despite all our trials and tribulations (not counting Isabela stealing from me), there is still joy to be found amidst all this chaos; whether it’s sharing stories over drinks or playing cards late into night at our favorite haunt – The Hanged Man – where secrets flow as freely as ale.

In times like these when darkness threatens from every corner ,I hold onto hope that together we will emerge victorious against whatever odds may come our way because no matter how dire things may seem,Varric Tethras never gives up on his friends.And if anyone can unravel mysteries hidden within shadows,it’s us two rogues standing shoulder-to-shoulder ready face any challenge head-on with swords drawn hearts ablaze

So here’s hoping that wherever destiny leads us next,Hawke,and i Will continue fighting side-by-side until dawn breaks anew revealing brighter future filled potential endless possibilities waiting around each corner beckoning ever onward towards another adventure only champions could conquer together!

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