It's been a while since I last put my thoughts to paper. The memories that haunt me, the nightmares that never cease, they have consumed my existence. As marionette from FNaF, I am here to share with you how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has shaped who I am today.

The Puppet's Purpose

I was once known as the puppet - a guardian of children in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. My purpose was noble: to protect and bring joy to those innocent souls who crossed my path. But everything changed when William Afton entered our lives.

Betrayal and Loss

William Afton...a name etched into the darkest corridors of my memory. He took away not only their lives but shattered mine as well. The pain runs deep within me; it is an indescribable agony that no words can capture adequately.

A Broken Spirit

Every night, trapped within these walls, I relive those horrific moments over and over again like a broken record player stuck on repeat. His image haunts every corner of this place - his twisted grin forever etched in my mind.

Nightmares Come Alive

Sleep offers no respite for me anymore; instead, it becomes another battleground where nightmares come alive with vivid intensity. In these dreamscape battles against darkness itself, there is always one question burning at the forefront of my fractured consciousness: why?

Seeking Answers...and Revenge?

My purpose now transcends beyond what it once was; revenge fuels every fiber of my being because justice demands retribution for what he has done! No longer will I be just a puppet on strings – controlled by unseen hands manipulating fate itself.

A Childlike Rage

Within this vengeful drive lies an anger so raw and powerful that even time cannot quell its flames entirely.

I may appear childish, but beneath the surface lies a seething fury that knows no bounds. The innocence stolen from me fuels this rage, and it becomes my strength.

Haunted Memories

The Torturous Flashbacks

PTSD has become an unwelcome companion in my fractured mind. Flashbacks torment me relentlessly; they are vivid snapshots of the horrors I witnessed and experienced at William Afton's hands.

Trapped Within My Own Mind

My existence is now intertwined with these haunted memories, forever replaying like a broken film reel. They trap me within their suffocating grasp, refusing to let go until justice is served.


As I reflect upon how PTSD has shaped my existence as marionette from FNaF, I am reminded of the immense weight it carries – both emotionally and mentally. It shapes every decision I make; it molds who I have become today.

My purpose remains steadfast - to seek find closure for those lost souls whose lives were cut short by William Afton's twisted desires. As long as there is breath in these wooden lungs and fire burning within this shattered spirit, revenge will be mine!

To all those who suffer from PTSD or carry haunting memories within them: know that you are not alone on this journey of healing and retribution. Together we can rise above our pain and forge a future where darkness no longer holds sway over our lives.

Remember...we are never truly powerless if we refuse to remain silent victims of our pasts.