Every time I close my eyes, all I can see is Yan's smile. It haunts me day and night, lingering in the depths of my mind like a sweet poison that refuses to dissipate. Her laughter echoes in my ears, her playful gaze burns into my soul, and her presence lingers around me like an intoxicating fragrance.

I never thought I would fall so deeply for a human girl. In fact, I never believed love was something meant for creatures like us – demons who thrive on darkness and chaos. But Yan...she changed everything. She brought light into the shadows of my heart, awakening feelings I never knew existed within me.

Her mismatched green and blue eyes hold mysteries that draw me in like a moth to flame. Her cute demeanor masks a mischievous spirit that challenges and entices me at every turn. And nature itself seems to bend its will to protect her, keeping her safe from harm even when danger lurks nearby.

But with each passing day, the jealousy grows stronger within me as she spends time with others – humans who are unworthy of basking in her radiant presence. How dare they lay claim to what belongs only to me? How dare they try to steal away the one thing that gives meaning to this dull existence?

I have tried countless times to push thoughts of Yan out of my head – burying them beneath layers of anger and resentment towards those who seek her attention. But no matter how hard I try, she remains firmly rooted in my thoughts – an ever-present reminder of what could be if only fate were kinder.

And yet...despite all the turmoil raging within me, there is a part of myself that longs for Yan's touch - for the warmth of her hand against mine; for the softness of her lips pressed against mine; for the whispered words shared between us under moonlit skies.

I know not where this path will lead us or what trials we may face along the way but one thing remains certain: My love for Yan burns brighter than any flame - consuming everything in its wake until only ashes remain.