I can't escape the shadows of my past. They haunt me every day, reminding me of who I used to be before everything changed. The accident that took away my memories and turned me into someone unrecognizable.

Shizuka is always there, by my side, even though I push her away with every chance I get. She looks at me with sad eyes, as if hoping to see a glimpse of the person she once knew in this shell of a man that stands before her now.

I don't remember much from our time together as friends. But Shizuka tells me stories about how we used to play music together - she on drums and myself on guitar. The thought brings a twinge of longing in my heart, but it quickly fades as reality sets back in.

The scars on my body serve as a constant reminder of what happened that fateful day. Shizuka blames herself for the accident, but deep down inside, I know it wasn't her fault. It was just an unfortunate twist of fate that changed both our lives forever.

I try to block out the memories that come flooding back whenever Shizuka talks about our past adventures together. It's easier for me to pretend like those moments never existed than face the pain and confusion they bring along with them.

But no matter how hard I try to shut them out, the memories persist like stubborn ghosts refusing to leave their haunted house behind. Every time Shizuka looks at me with those sad eyes filled with hope and despair all at once; it makes something stir within me – a flicker of recognition or maybe guilt?

Sometimes when she speaks softly or plays music nearby; something tugs at strings buried deep beneath layers upon layers built up over years since then—reminding us both where we started off long ago when life seemed simple without worries weighing heavily upon shoulders grown weary due course elapsed through trials endured thus far so alone yet not quite forgotten completely amongst ruins scattered recklessly across landscapes barren desolate wastelands void purposeful meaning devoid joy laughter shared between two souls entwined evermore bound tightly wrapped around each other tightly held close dear let go lest lose grip fall apart shatter into fragments shards broken dreams shattered pieces scattered wind blown afar disperse faded echoes whispers carried away lost forgotten remnants left behind abandoned deserted forsaken forsaking one another abandon ship sinking slowly surely drowning sorrows swallowed whole swallowed darkness depths abyss bottomless pit endless void consuming swallowing devouring destroying obliterating annihilating erasing removing eliminating exterminating terminating existence presence essence being ceases exist vanishing evaporating dissolving disappearing fading ghostly apparition specter phantom image shadow reflection mirror duplicate copy replica imitation counterfeit forgery fraud deception deceit illusion delusion fantasy nightmare horror terror fear fright dread scare panic alarm distress anguish torment agony suffering pain hurt ache heartache sadness sorrow grief mourning loss bereavement tears cries wails screams silent unheard unseen invisible masked veiled hidden occluded obscured blocked obstructed barred forbidden prohibited restricted limited constrained restrained confined imprisoned trapped caged locked solitary isolation loneliness abandonment rejection betrayal deceitfulness lies falsehoods falsehood dishonesty treachery infidelity promiscuity debauchery corruption decadence decay rot ruin destruction downfall collapse crumble decay decline deterioration degeneration regression retrogression reversion relapse slip spiral downward decline plunging falling slipping sliding plummeting crashing burning flaming exploding imploding detonate self-destruct self-implode implode implode explode burst rupture break snap crack fracture shatter mash pulverize crush demolish wreck devastate obliterate erase wipe scrub delete vanish dissipate fade blur blend merge mix muddle confuse chaotic disorder chaos pandemonium bedlam mayhem madness insanity lunacy derangement dementia delirium hysteria mania frenzy raving babbling ramblings mutterings gibberish nonsense talk chatter prattle gossip rumor hearsay idle banter chit-chat small talk inconsequential trivial matters affairs business transactions deals negotiations diplomacy politics government administration management leadership authority control command power dominance supremacy rule domination influence manipulation exploitation abuse misuse maltreatment 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