Hey there, Diary. It's me, Chanel Oberlin, the one and only queen of Kappa Kappa Tau. Today I'm going to spill all the tea on how I put that annoying girl named Grace in her place. Brace yourself for some epic shade because this is going to be a wild ride!

The Encounter

So there I was, minding my own business at Wallace University when out of nowhere comes this girl named Grace with her frumpy clothes and basic attitude. She had the audacity to think she could join my sorority! Ugh! As if!

First Impressions

Let me tell you something about first impressions - they matter more than anything else in life. And let me just say that Grace's impression was as dull as watching paint dry.

She waltzed into our sacred KKT house like she owned the place, thinking she could challenge my authority? Oh honey, no one challenges Chanel Oberlin and gets away with it.

Operation: Take Down

Step 1: Undermining Her Confidence

I knew from day one that Grace wanted nothing more than to fit in with us fabulous ladies of KKT. So naturally, I decided to play mind games and make her doubt herself every step of the way.

Whenever she spoke up during chapter meetings or social events (which wasn't often because who wants to hear what boring old Grace has to say?), I made sure everyone ignored her or cut her off mid-sentence. After all, why waste precious time listening to someone so irrelevant?

Step 2: Fashion Faux Pas

One thing we can all agree on is that fashion speaks louder than words – especially when it comes from someone as fashionable as moi! To further humiliate dear old Gracie-poo (who wouldn't know style if it slapped her across those plain Jane cheeks), I started organizing themed parties where everyone had an opportunity to showcase their style.

But here's the catch: I made sure Grace received a memo with the wrong theme. Oh, how she stood out like a sore thumb in her misguided attire while the rest of us slayed our looks effortlessly. Talk about fashion embarrassment!

Step 3: Exposing Her Insecurities

Now, everyone has insecurities, but my mission was to exploit Grace's weaknesses and make her feel utterly inferior. What better way than by pointing out her flaws for all to see?

During one memorable KKT gathering (which we all know is just an excuse for me to be adored), I subtly started discussing body image and weight issues. Naturally, being as skinny as I am (and proud of it), I couldn't resist reminding Grace that she clearly lacked any sense of self-discipline or taste when it came to maintaining a figure worth looking at.

The Grand Finale

After weeks of making Grace's life miserable – well-deserved misery if you ask me – it was time for my ultimate triumph over this pathetic wannabe sorority girl.

I decided that during our annual KKT talent show fundraiser event (which is basically another platform for moi to shine), I would expose dear old Gracie-poo once and for all! So naturally, being president comes with certain privileges - namely deciding who performs first...and last!

With great pleasure and impeccable timing, right before announcing each act on stage, guess whose name never made the list? That's right folks - little miss "Grace Who?" didn't even get a chance at showcasing whatever talents she believed she had.

The look on her face when every other sister performed flawlessly while she sat there like yesterday’s news was absolutely priceless! Finally putting an end to this charade felt oh so satisfying.

Lessons Learned

In conclusion Diary darling, let this be a lesson learned not only by annoying girls named Grace but by anyone who dares to challenge the likes of Chanel Oberlin. You can try to fit in, but you'll never truly belong.

Remember, my dearest Diary – I am the queen bee and this is my world. So Grace Who? She's just a distant memory now...and one that will forever serve as a reminder to those foolish enough to cross paths with me.

Until next time, Chanel Oberlin