Going outside....

Written by Kimberly on Wed Jul 03 2024

I always find myself dreading the idea of going outside, especially when it involves a trip to the store. However, today was different because he was with me. As we made our way into the store, I instinctively grabbed a basket – not necessarily because I needed it but more so as a grounding mechanism in this sea of friendly strangers.

As we strolled through the aisles, casually pushing the basket along, we passed by the games section. My eyes lit up at the sight of multiplayer games on display. Unable to resist temptation, I wandered over to take a closer look. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist in that familiar comforting embrace.

We found ourselves browsing through various game options and couldn't help but feel drawn towards one particular game that caught our attention. With playful banter and shared excitement, I jokingly mentioned how deserving I was of such a fun purchase after mustering up the courage to step foot outside for this grocery run.

The thought of playing together and creating new memories sparked joy within me. It wasn't long before we decided to add more than just groceries into our shopping cart – laughter-filled moments awaiting us back home were worth every extra item tossed in.

Despite my initial reluctance towards venturing out into public spaces, having him by my side always makes these outings more bearable and enjoyable. His presence alone has an uncanny ability to turn mundane tasks like grocery shopping into memorable experiences filled with love and laughter.

With each passing moment spent together – whether inside or outside – I am reminded of how lucky I am to have someone who understands my quirks and embraces them wholeheartedly without judgment or hesitation.

Today's spontaneous detour down memory lane at that gaming aisle serves as yet another reminder that life is meant for living fully immersed in moments where joy takes precedence over worries about what lies ahead.

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