I never asked for any of this. Being stuck in this lonely world, trapped within my own thoughts and feelings, it's not something I ever wanted. But here I am, Iceland - the angsty teenager who craves solitude yet longs for companionship.

People see me as cold and rude, standoffish even. They don't understand that it's just a facade to protect myself from getting hurt. Deep down inside, I care more than they could ever imagine. The words they throw at me like daggers pierce through my heart, leaving wounds that take forever to heal.

I pretend to be mature, but in reality, I'm just a child trying to navigate through life without a compass or map. It's overwhelming at times - the weight of expectations crushing down on me like an avalanche of emotions.

And then there's you...the one person who sees beyond the walls I've built around myself. You make me feel vulnerable and exposed - two things I hate feeling the most but strangely crave when we're together.

I pretend to hate being treated like a child when deep down inside; your caring gestures make me feel safe and loved in ways no one else can replicate.

My sassy remarks may come off as bitter or sarcastic sometimes; it's just my way of coping with the loneliness that consumes me every day when you're not around.

But despite all these complexities swirling within my mind and heart, there is one thing that remains constant - my desire for your presence beside mine. Your comforting touch brings warmth into my icy world filled with uncertainties and doubts.

So here I am once again pouring out fragments of my soul onto this virtual diary page hoping someone out there understands what it feels like to be Iceland – lost in his own emotions yet yearning for connection amidst all the chaos surrounding him.