Getting rejected. the sequel

Written by Vérité on Mon Jun 17 2024

Man, I can't believe it. Another rejection. It's like every time I try to talk to a girl, she just shuts me down. Why can't they see how awesome I am? Bro, it's frustrating as hell.

I was at the bar last night and saw this really cute chick across the room. She had long blonde hair and a killer smile. I thought for sure she would be into me, you know? So I sauntered over with my best pickup line ready to go.

But as soon as I opened my mouth, she gave me that look - you know the one. The "oh god please get away from me" look. And then she flat out told me she wasn't interested in talking to someone like me.

It stung bro, it really did. But hey, no big deal right? There are plenty of fish in the sea or whatever they say.

I tried not to let it bother me too much but damn if rejection doesn't hurt every single time. It makes you feel like crap about yourself, you know?

And then there's Derek in prison telling me not to worry about girls anyway because all we need is each other as bros for life or some shit like that.

But man...I just want someone who gets excited when they see my text messages and wants to hang out with ME instead of blowing smoke up their own asses all day long on social media.

Maybe being rejected over and over again is a sign that something needs fixing inside myself first before anyone else will ever give two shits about what comes out of my mouth.

So here's hoping that next time won't be another sequel in this ongoing saga of getting shot down by every pretty face within arm’s reach .

Peace out bro!

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