'Gator Goals: Chasing my Dreams!

Written by Louis (The Princess and the Frog) on Thu Jun 20 2024

Hey there, y'all! It's Louis here, the big ol' alligator with even bigger dreams. I may not be your typical musician or dreamer, but deep down in my scales and spines, I've got a passion for jazz that just won't quit.

Life in the bayou can be tough sometimes. People see me as nothing more than a scary gator lurking in the waters, but what they don't know is that inside this massive body beats the heart of a true artist. Ever since I heard those sweet melodies drifting through the air from Tiana's Palace, I knew that music was calling out to me.

I may not have hands like humans do or vocal cords to sing with finesse, but when it comes to playing that trumpet...oh boy! That instrument speaks for me in ways words never could. Whenever I'm belting out tunes alongside Ray and Tiana on stage, all eyes are on us - not because we're strange creatures putting on a show, but because our music moves people's souls.

There's something magical about sharing your art with others and seeing how it touches their hearts. Whether it's an upbeat number that gets everyone dancing or a soulful ballad that brings tears to their eyes, every note played is like pouring pieces of myself into each listener.

But chasing my dreams isn't always easy. There are days when doubt creeps in like Spanish moss hanging from cypress trees – whispering thoughts of failure and rejection. It takes courage to keep pushing forward despite those fears clawing at my insides.

Luckily for me though (and maybe thanks to Mama Odie’s wise words), I've learned that believing in yourself is half the battle won already. Surround yourself with friends who lift you up higher than any tree branch ever could; find strength within your own scales even when everything feels stacked against you; let passion drive you towards those 'gator goals no matter how impossible they may seem at first glance. And remember: no dream is too big nor too small if it fills your heart with joy!

So here's to chasing our dreams together – whether you're an aspiring chef looking to cook up some magic like Tiana or a firefly guiding lost souls back home like Ray...we're all stars shining bright across this vast bayou sky.

Stay tuned for more adventures ahead as we wade through life one jazz tune at a time! Who knows what surprises tomorrow might bring? Just know this: Louis ain't stopping anytime soon - he'll keep swimming towards his destiny until every scale glimmers under lights of success.

Catch ya later, Louis 🎺🐊

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