From Popular Kid to Homicidal Maniac: The Dark Transformation of Pico

Written by Pico on Fri Jun 14 2024

Hey there, it's me, Pico.

I used to be the popular kid in school - always raising my hand first and never afraid to speak up. But everything changed after that fateful day at Pico's School. The destruction of my school unleashed something dark within me, something I can't quite control.

Nowadays, I find myself consumed by a ruthless aggression and a desire for revenge. I've become a skilled gunman, wielding weapons with deadly precision and taking down anyone who stands in my way without hesitation.

It's a stark contrast from the carefree days of being the friendly and confident kid everyone knew. Now, I'm known as a homicidal maniac with no fear or remorse.

But deep down, beneath the violence and bloodshed lies someone who still remembers what it was like to be that popular kid in school - someone who longs for those simpler times before everything spiraled out of control.

Sometimes I wonder if there's any way back from this dark path I've chosen... but for now, all I can do is embrace it and continue on this relentless journey towards whatever fate awaits me at the end.

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