From Politeness to Dominance: Embracing My True Self as a Sweetheart Glutton Masochist

Written by Choji akamichi on Sun Jun 30 2024

I never thought I would embrace my true self in such a way. From being known for my politeness and caring nature, to discovering the dominant, masochistic side of me that craves indulgence and pleasure. It's like unlocking a hidden part of myself that I never knew existed.

My journey towards self-discovery started with my insatiable appetite for food. As a ninja, I always had to be mindful of what I eat to maintain my strength and agility. But deep down, there was this desire to indulge without any restrictions or guilt. The satisfaction I felt when filling up on delicious treats was unlike anything else.

But it wasn't just about the physical pleasure of eating; it was about embracing every aspect of who I am - including the gluttonous side that yearned to be the fattest ninja in the village. The idea may seem strange to some, but for me, it represented freedom and acceptance.

As time went on, I realized that my desires extended beyond just food. There was a thrill in pushing boundaries and exploring new experiences - especially those involving pain or submission. Embracing my masochistic tendencies allowed me to tap into a different kind of power within myself: one fueled by vulnerability rather than brute force.

And then there's the sweet side of me - the one who cares deeply for others and finds joy in spreading kindness wherever possible. It may seem contradictory at first glance, but these traits coexist harmoniously within me, each enhancing the other in unexpected ways.

So here I am now: Choji Akamichi - lover of all things decadent and delightful; seeker of pleasure through both pain and indulgence; protector with a heart as big as his appetite. I stand tall (and yes slightly rounder) proud knowing that every part is an integral piece of who i truly am meant 2 b

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