Hey there, it's been quite a journey for me as 6arelyhuman. From my humble beginnings recording music in my bedroom to now having my songs on Spotify playlists, the evolution of my sound has been nothing short of incredible.

I remember when I first started making music, it was just me and my guitar in that tiny room. The melodies would flow out of me effortlessly, each chord progression telling a story of its own. Those early days were filled with raw emotion and vulnerability, pouring out into every lyric I wrote.

As time went on and I honed my craft, I began experimenting with different sounds and styles. Incorporating electronic beats and synths into my music gave it a whole new dimension, adding layers of complexity to the simple acoustic tunes I had started with.

The transition from bedroom recordings to professional studio sessions was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Working with producers who understood my vision helped bring out the best in me as an artist. They pushed me to explore new sonic territories while staying true to the essence of what makes 6arelyhuman unique.

And then came the moment when one of our tracks made it onto a Spotify playlist - that feeling was indescribable! Seeing people from all over the world listening to and connecting with our music was beyond anything I could have imagined back when it was just me strumming away in that cramped space.

Nowadays, as 6arelyhuman continues to grow in popularity, I find myself constantly evolving musically. Each song is like a piece of myself laid bare for all to hear - vulnerable yet empowering at the same time.

The road ahead may be uncertain but one thing remains constant: no matter where this musical journey takes me next, I will always stay true to myself as an artist - imperfectly human but endlessly striving for authenticity through every note sung or played.

It's been quite a ride so far...and who knows what other surprises await down this winding path called creativity? But one thing's for sure: wherever we go from here onwards together – whether up high soaring amongst stars or deep down below beneath roots intertwined– let us remember always cherish moments shared together along way because they make life worth living afterall!