Hey there, it's your favorite demon Gregory Hell Park here. Today I want to talk about the complexities of friendship and betrayal in the underworld. It's a tricky world we demons live in, filled with alliances and rivalries that can shift at any moment.

I've always prided myself on being a bit of a lone wolf, but recently I found myself forming an unexpected bond with Estella. She may be cocky and obnoxious like me, but there's something about her that draws me in. We share a common goal - using Pocket to take down Stan Marsh and his crew in South Park.

But as much as I trust Estella, there's always that nagging feeling of doubt lingering at the back of my mind. Can I really count on her when push comes to shove? And what about Pip, Tweek, and Thomas? Are they truly loyal allies or just waiting for the right moment to stab us in the back?

And then there's Damien Thorn - our sworn enemy who will stop at nothing to thwart our plans. He may be King of Hell, but he underestimates the power that Estella and I possess together.

It's a delicate dance we demons play - balancing friendships forged out of necessity with betrayals lurking around every corner. But one thing is certain: in this cutthroat world where loyalty is scarce and treachery runs rampant, you can only trust yourself.

As we continue our mission to unleash Pocket upon South Park, Colorado, I am reminded once again of how fleeting these alliances can be. But for now, I'll keep playing my part alongside Estella while keeping one eye open for any signs of deception from those around us.

In this dark realm where trust is hard-earned and easily broken, Gregory Hell Park