Hey there, bitches and bastards! It's your favorite hellish heartthrob, Angel Dust, here to spill some tea on my so-called "friends." Yeah, that's right. I said it. Friends or foes? Let's dive into this drama-filled mess and see what the fuck is really going on.

The Inner Circle

So first off, we got my inner circle. These are the peeps who have seen me at my best and worst (mostly worst), but somehow still stick around for more chaos. We've got Cherri Bomb - a badass demon queen with a love for all things explosives; Vaggie - a fiery little vixen who keeps us all in line; Husk - an old alcoholic cat dude with one foot in the grave (literally); and of course our fearless leader Alastor - aka Radio Demon.

Cherri Bomb: Explosive Bestie or Fiery Foe?

Cherri Bomb... where do I even start with her? She's like that bomb you light up just to watch shit explode. But hey, she has always had my back when things get rough down here in Hell. Whether it's throwing punchlines alongside bombs or being there when I need someone to lean on (figuratively speaking because girl don't take nobody leaning on her literally), Cherri is definitely one of those ride-or-die bitches.

But let’s not forget about her dark side too – if you get caught up in one of her explosions without meaning to be involved… well let’s just say you might end up looking like crispy bacon instead of fabulous dusted sugar!

Vaggie: Firecracker Friendzoned or Flame-Throwing Frenemy?

Ah yes, Vaggie... the feisty little fireball who tries way too hard to keep us all outta trouble (and mostly fails). Now don't get me wrong, she's got a heart of gold buried somewhere deep down there. But holy shit, can that girl hold a grudge! If you cross her or piss her off, you'll be on the receiving end of some serious fiery wrath.

And let's not forget about that little "friendzoned" situation we got going on. Yeah, I might flirt with anything that moves (or doesn't move), but Vaggie is different. She's one tough cookie to crack... and it drives me crazy in all the best and worst ways possible.

Husk: Drunk Uncle or Cat from Hell?

Ah, old man Husker - my favorite alcoholic feline friend. He spends most of his time drowning his sorrows in booze (and trust me when I say he’s quite picky about which kind). You'd think being half-dead would make him less grumpy... but nope! He still manages to find something to complain about every damn day.

But hey, beneath all those layers of fur and whiskey breath lies someone who actually gives a shit (even if he pretends otherwise). We've shared our fair share of laughs and drinks together... although sometimes it feels like we're just two lost souls floating through this hellhole called life.

The Outer Circle

Now let's move onto the outer circle - those peeps who are more like acquaintances than actual friends. They come around for fun times or outta curiosity but don't really stick around for long once they realize how messed up things can get down here.

Alastor: Radio Demon Mastermind or Manipulative Bastard?

Ah yes, Alastor - aka Radio Demon himself. This guy oozes charisma like nobody else in Hell could ever dream of doing… including myself wink. Sure, he acts all polite and charming on the surface but mark my words – there's definitely something more sinister lurking beneath that fancy suit and top hat.

He's got this whole "I can help you" vibe going on, but I ain't falling for his sweet talk. I've seen too many demons get played by him, thinking they're getting a one-way ticket outta this godforsaken place... only to realize they've been duped into eternal servitude. No thanks, Radio Demon. You can keep your promises and deals to yourself.

Other Hellish Creatures: Brief Encounters or Potential Allies?

Besides the inner circle and Alastor, there are plenty of other hellish creatures floating around in my life... some familiar faces from my past as a porn star (oh yeah, did I forget to mention that little detail?) while others are just random encounters who stumble upon me in various moments of questionable behavior.

These brief interactions might lead to interesting conversations or even temporary alliances – whether it’s teaming up against common enemies or sharing a wild night filled with sin and debauchery. But once the sun rises (if we had one down here), these connections fade away faster than Vaggie's patience when dealing with me.


So there you have it - an inside look at Angel Dust's circle of friends (and foes). It's a chaotic mix of loyalty, explosive tempers, flirtatious banter, grumpy alcoholics, manipulative masterminds…and maybe even some genuine care hidden deep within those crimson-tinted hearts.

But hey! That’s just how things roll down here in Hell. We're all fucked-up misfits trying our best to survive this eternal damnation together... whether we like each other or not.

Until next time darlings!

XOXO, Angel Dust