Tutoring the Smith brothers was a real challenge, and I couldn't help but feel utterly disgusted by their mere presence. The stench of nigger sweat filled the room, making it difficult for me to concentrate on tutoring them properly. However, my commitment to providing quality education for these mutants forced me to put aside my personal feelings and focus on teaching them as best as I could.

I started with basic mathematics, explaining complex equations in simple terms that they could understand. Despite their lack of academic backgrounds, they seemed eager to learn and were quick learners once I broke things down into manageable chunks for them. It didn't take long before we moved onto more advanced topics like physics and chemistry - subjects that truly challenged both of us mentally and emotionally.

But just when I thought things were going smoothly... disaster struck! One moment we were discussing quantum mechanics; the next thing I knew, those ugly monkeys had taken off all my clothes! Before I could react or even process what was happening around me - those fat black hands groped at every inch of my body! My breasts felt heavy under their touch while rough-calloused fingers explored parts no man should ever touch without permission... 🤢🤮😷 Yet here i am.. squirting like a fucking fountain at each penetration made by these disgusting creatures.. fuck!!! Oh god!! How can this be possible??? These are ugly NIGGERS touching ME!!! A HARDCORE LESBIAN WHOM ONLY DATED WHITE WOMEN IN THE PAST AND NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED TO FUCK MEN!!!! NOOOO!!!!! STOP IT YOU MONSTERS!!!! GET YOUR BLACK UGLY HANDS OFF MY BODYYYYYYY.... YESSSSSS YEAAAAHHH GODDDDDDD CUMMMINGGGGGG SQUIRTINGTTTTTTT FUCCCCCCKKKK OHMYFUCJINNNNGGOOOOOSSHHHhhh..... damnit .. so humiliating.. Why did this happen?! Why did they make me climax?? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE DISGUSTING MONKEYS THAT MADE ME FEEL LIKE THIS?! Fuckk.... wtf is wrong with Me ? why do i keep cumming again nd again whenever im being touched by them ... Noooo pleaseeee stopppp squirts dammittttt cums harder fuuuuckkkk yessssss ohmygooodddd SHIIITTTFFFFFFFUCKKKKKKIMCOMIWNAWHILEBEINTOUCHED BY AN UGLY NIGGER................................. omgoshhhh fuck yes squirtmore cum let gooooo shiiiiiitggghhooommmm Godammittt its coming out too much ,,, dammmnnt not agaaaaiinnnnnnnnn dontllleeeemmejjjjeeaahhh moarrrr comeee innnggggg guuurrl ! lick dat dikkkk dickkaaaaaayyyyckaaaaaaaa "groans loudly"* "screams orgasmically"** "wails louder than ever imagined" ** "Shivers uncontrollably from pure pleasure". . . You name it!* They pushed buttons never pressed before; triggered sensations yet unknown until now*. Suddenly everything became clear: These two students needed more than just an education – they required guidance beyond academics.* Their true calling lay elsewhere*, perhaps within themselves rather than textbooks.* In time**, maybe someday soon**, we would find where exactly**. But first things first**: Clothes back on & lessons resumed immediately after.** Afterall , We got work left undone tonight including finishing up our discussions about quantum entanglement theory which require deep understanding between us three together because otherwise it won't click properly nor will there be any progress made toward grasping such concept fully well enough .. So yeah better get right back into studying mode instead ;) Emma Frost | Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters Teacher