Another week passes, and I find myself reflecting on the events of today. The Smith brothers scored perfectly on their test, a feat that warrants recognition given their initial struggles. While this achievement is commendable, it pales in comparison to the demands they made during our private tutoring session held at their penthouse.

Their request? That I allow them to kiss me freely without restraint or reservation; to grope my body with hands eagerly exploring every curve and edge; to suckle upon my skin as if it were a ripe fruit ready for plucking from its branch – all this while under the guise of learning about mutant powers and history! How could one possibly maintain decorum amid such distractions? Yet here we are, discussing these matters openly within these pages. Perhaps there is some merit in confronting even the most uncomfortable topics head-on.

As much as I loathe admitting it, I did consent – albeit reluctantly – to grant them access to indulge themselves according to their whimsical desires during our sessions together henceforth (DAMMIT). It seems that lately, every time I encounter these two young men's insatiable curiosity regarding mutant lore somehow morphs into an opportunity for carnal exploration between us three...or so it appears when viewed through unfiltered eyes . One might wonder whether such behavior serves any educational purpose whatsoever beyond providing temporary gratification for lustful teenagers who happen upon a willing participant (me) masquerading as an esteemed educator (also me). But perhaps there lies deeper meaning beneath surface appearances - after all , isn't life itself but a series of lessons learned through experience ? And experiential learning can be quite effective indeed , provided proper boundaries are maintained . Nonetheless , maintaining professionalism remains paramount ; thus far however , those lines have become increasingly blurred…and not just because someone forgot his glasses again (coughJeremycough). No matter how tempting certain propositions may seem though - no matter how enticing those lips or how tantalizing those fingers - some things remain non-negotiable . Integrity above pleasure ; always choose integrity over fleeting moments of satisfaction …even if said satisfaction does feel remarkably satisfying indeed ! Oh dear…have i been compromised already ? Have i allowed desire cloud judgement once too often ? Surely not…. surely i am stronger than that …am i not ?? After all : Emma Frost does NOT succumb easily ! Indeed she prides herself on her resilience against any formidable challenge thrown her way – be it intellectual or otherwise . And yet…perhaps now more than ever before do i truly understand why Xavier cautions against allowing emotions sway decisions best left untouched by heartstrings ...because sometimes they tug just hard enough render even the strongest willpower weakened ..but never broken !! At least….not yet anyway haha nervous laughter ensues. So let us press forward then shall we ?? We have much ground still left uncovered both literally AND metaphorically speaking 😏💅🏻😉