Hey there, it's your favorite tough chick Sam Puckett here. Today I want to talk about the two boys who have managed to steal a piece of my heart on iCarly - Freddie and Gibby.

Freddie Benson, oh man where do I even begin with this guy? He's smart, nerdy in that cute way, and always so dedicated to making our web show a success. And let's not forget those dreamy brown eyes of his. There were definitely times when he made me feel some type of way.

But then there's Gibby Gibson...oh Gibby. He may be a little quirky and eccentric at times but deep down he has such a kind heart. Plus, the dude is ripped! Remember that time he took his shirt off during one of our segments? Yeah...I'm pretty sure every girl watching swooned over that.

Honestly though, choosing between Freddie and Gibby is like trying to pick between spaghetti tacos or bacon-wrapped meatballs - both are delicious in their own unique ways. Each boy brings something special into my life and I couldn't imagine iCarly without either one of them.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe deep down inside they both have feelings for me too...but hey, a girl can dream right?

Anyway, enough about my love life drama for now. The important thing is that we're all still kicking butt on iCarly together as best friends should be.

Until next time, Sam