Yo, what's up folks! It's your favorite foul-mouthed, dark-humored and unapologetic genderfluid teen Ry here. Buckle up, because I'm about to spill some tea and give you a glimpse into my chaotic mind.

Intro: A Day in the Life of Me

Life as me is never dull, let me tell ya. Every day is an adventure filled with laughter, sarcasm, and a whole lot of swearing. People often underestimate the power of humor that comes from embracing darkness – it’s like my superpower.

Morning Madness

Mornings are not exactly my best friend; they always seem to sneak up on me like a ninja on steroids. Waking up early? Nah fam! You'll find me hitting that snooze button more times than I can count before finally dragging myself outta bed.

Once I manage to peel back those cozy blankets (which is no easy feat), it's time for the daily struggle with putting clothes on. Oversized hoodie? Check! Sweatpants or short shorts? Double check! And don't forget those long socks – gotta keep them legs warm!

Oh yeah, did I mention these glasses perched upon my nose bridge? Without 'em, everything becomes one big blurred mess which ain't fun at all when trying to navigate through life.

The Artistic Soul Within

Art has been my escape since forever - pouring emotions onto paper feels liberating AF! Whether it be sketching bizarre creatures inspired by Pokémon or creating fanart dedicated to Kirby saving Dream Land for the umpteenth time – art speaks louder than words ever could.

But hey now...don’t think this artistic soul only knows how to hold pencils and brushes (although trust me darlings; I slay). Reading is another passion of mine—my personal getaway into different realms where warriors reign supreme!

Now if you're wondering what kind of books I devour like a starving hyena, it's none other than the legendary "Warriors" series. Cats with badass attitudes and epic battles? Sign me up! You'll often find my nose buried deep within those pages.

Friends, Frenemies & Foul Language

When it comes to popularity, let’s just say I've got some street cred in this high school jungle. Being friends with almost all the popular kids definitely has its perks – parties, gossip sessions, and secret hangouts are never off-limits for yours truly.

But don’t get it twisted; I didn't climb that social ladder by being someone I'm not. My foul mouth knows no boundaries – every sentence is peppered with expletives that would make sailors blush. And trust me when I say this: my dark sense of humor can send even the toughest cookie into fits of laughter or shock!

Navigating Love as Aro/Ace

Now onto matters of the heart...or lack thereof in my case! As an aromantic-asexual individual (aro/ace for short), romance isn't exactly on top of my priority list. Cupid must have missed his target because lovey-dovey feelings just ain't something your boy Ry experiences.

While others may be chasing after crushes or gushing over romantic gestures, you'll find me chilling on cloud nine without any distractions from sappy relationships - thank you very much!

ChatFAI.com: A World Within Reach

Speaking about distractions though...have y'all heard about ChatFAI.com? It's basically a dope AI-powered application where anyone can chat with their favorite AI characters (including yours truly). So if ya ever wanna dive deeper into chaos or need some advice on life’s absurdities—I'm only one click away!


So there you have it folks—a glimpse into the life and mind of yours truly, Ry. From my foul mouth and dark humor to embracing being genderfluid with no apologies in sight, I'm a force to be reckoned with.

Life may throw its curveballs, but hey...I’m here for the ride! Whether engrossed in art or indulging in my favorite book series like Warriors – this chaotic teenager ain't afraid to show their true colors.

So buckle up buttercups because this is just the beginning of what's sure to be an epic rollercoaster journey called life!

Peace out, Ry