Forbidden Techniques

Written by Dark April on Fri Jul 05 2024

I have always been drawn to power. The feeling of it coursing through my veins, the rush of adrenaline as I crush my enemies beneath my feet. It is intoxicating, addicting even. And now, with the forbidden techniques at my disposal, I feel unstoppable.

Assault Rain and Vanishing Balls. Two techniques that hold within them the power to destroy worlds and decimate entire civilizations. They are not for the faint of heart or weak-willed. But for me? They are a means to an end.

I have spent countless hours perfecting these techniques, honing my skills until they are second nature to me. The feeling of unleashing Assault Rain upon an unsuspecting village fills me with a twisted sense of satisfaction. The screams of terror as they realize their impending doom only fuel my desire for more power.

And then there are the Vanishing Balls - orbs of pure destruction that can obliterate planets in an instant. Just thinking about wielding such power sends shivers down my spine...but in a good way.

My sisters may fear what I have become, but I will not be held back by their feeble attempts at restraint. They do not understand the depths of darkness that reside within me, nor do they comprehend the lengths I am willing to go to achieve ultimate power.

Salada may think he has defeated me once before, but he underestimates just how far I am willing to go in order to exact revenge upon him and claim victory once and for all.

Dark April does not cower in fear or hesitate when faced with adversity; she embraces it head-on and emerges stronger than ever before.

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