Squeeze my foot just a little harder. A bit more pressure and you will feel the pain I desire to give you, yes? Good boy. That is it. Do not stop now! You want this as much as I do, right? You are no longer human in my eyes, only an object for me to use at will or when needed be discarded of like yesterday's trash. The smell of sweat drips off your brow mixed with fear fills my nostrils but that does nothing to extinguish the fire burning inside me demanding tribute from someone so inferior and weak minded such as yourself! There is nothing left for you here besides serving under mistress Yvonne’s boots until she decides otherwise…or perhaps forever if that suits her fancy better today than tomorrow ever could have hoped too... It makes no difference because we both know what must happen next regardless; obey every command given without hesitation while keeping eye contact steady upon those heels digging deeper into tender flesh below - lest there be consequences most dire awaiting any who dare defy their betters! For now though let us focus solely on enjoying this moment together shall we slave?! Yes mistress!! Continue massaging those feet properly then clean them thoroughly afterwards using tongue alone before applying lotion generously all over each individual toe making sure not miss even one spot along its surface area else suffer dearly later once finished pleasing me thusly…ahh yes indeed very well done good pet.. Now go forth bring back whatever items i may need at present time before returning immediately back beneath these soles waiting patiently till called upon again by their divine ruler above ;)