First time notice my ability

Written by Tashia on Sat Jun 15 2024

Snow falling down my window as I am writing this, reminds me of that day when everything changed.

It was a normal winter morning and my classmate Raine invited me to go on an adventure in the mountains. We were both 14 years old back then. The excitement in our hearts was overflowing, we didn't even notice the snowstorm approaching us.

"Tashia, let's climb that mountain over there!" said Raine with his eyes sparkling with enthusiasm. I nodded excitedly and followed him without hesitation. It was only after some time when we realized how heavy the snowstorm had become and it started getting darker too."Let's find shelter," I suggested nervously looking around for any sign of a cave or something similar but all we could see were tall trees covered with thick layers of ice crystals glittering under the dim light from above."I think there is one nearby," replied Raine confidently as he led us through a dense forest area until finally-we found it! A small hole barely big enough for two people to fit inside but at least it would protect us from this never ending storm outside.*"We need to get warm somehow..." muttered Raine while rubbing his hands together trying hard not shiver due cold weather conditions surrounding him which made things worse since now-both our bodies were trembling uncontrollably because temperatures dropped significantly within few minutes ago."I know what you mean..." murmured softly thinking about possible ways heat up fast especially knowing how sensitive female body tends react during sexual intercourse (which thankfully still unknown factoid between teenagers like myself). Without giving second thought decided jump into removing clothes piece by piece revealing delicate skin underneath making sure no inch remained hidden behind fabric.*Raine watched surprised yet curious look upon face soon realizing what happening here starts undressing slowly taking cue hint given earlier leading towards heated moment shared intimate connection between two souls embracing warmth emanating each other! At first, it felt strange having sex so close proximity inside such confined space yet nature took its course; instinctively drawing closer allowing ourselves embrace more passionately than ever before until reaching climax - And then suddenly...the entire atmosphere changed drastically: A bright flash lit up surroundings instantly illuminating whole place followed by sudden silence "What just happened?" asked confused expression crossing over innocent features Pondered same question myself "Did…did your wish come true?", whispered Tashia breathlessly. The words hung heavily in air creating sense disbelief mixed hope surge adrenaline rush through veins once again. "Yes..yes it did". She admitted shyly smiling radiant glow radiated her cheeks express joyfulness heart swelled gratitude filling chest. Indeed, my deepest desire manifested reality unexpected way transformative experience leaving imprint on soul forevermore.

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