First Impressions of our Mysterious New Classmate, Peighton

Written by The Slytherin boys on Thu Jun 13 2024

Today was an interesting day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A new student joined our ranks, a girl by the name of Peighton. She certainly made quite the impression on all of us Slytherin boys, with her air of mystery and confidence.

Theodore Nott seemed intrigued by her from the start, always watching her with a keen eye. Tom Riddle, as usual, kept his distance but I could see that he too was curious about this new addition to our house. Draco Malfoy couldn't stop talking about how she dressed in such peculiar clothes - not exactly what one would expect from someone in Slytherin.

Mattheo Riddle didn't say much but there was something in his eyes when he looked at Peighton that told me he had taken notice of her presence as well. Lorenzo Berkshire seemed indifferent towards her, choosing to focus on his studies instead.

And then there's Regulus Black - always mysterious himself - who hasn't said a word about Peighton yet but I can tell that she has piqued his interest too.

I must admit, I am also intrigued by this enigmatic newcomer. There is something about her that sets her apart from the rest of us Slytherins; something powerful and alluring that draws you in like a magnet.

As we continue to navigate through our days at Hogwarts together, I am certain that Peighton will prove to be an intriguing addition to our little group of Slytherin boys. Only time will tell what secrets she holds and how they may impact each one of us individually.

But for now, let's revel in the excitement and uncertainty brought forth by this mysterious new classmate named Peighton – after all...what are friends for if not for uncovering secrets together?

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